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"Your podcast has helped me in my personal life so much and I'm very grateful for all of your information and that you communicate in such a positive and considerate manner."

Autism in the Adult

the podcast

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Completely free content focused on topics relevant to daily life on the spectrum.
Nov 2023

"...20 minutes into the first episode of your podcast, I was in tears. I spent years wondering why I’m this way and was after listening to your podcast, I feel completely understood."

"...I've listened to all of your podcasts ... [they] have proved to be some of the most compelling work I've studied. I thought I knew all I needed to know about my autism but you have created, in my mind, new ways for me to see and appreciate the finer detail of autism in my personal experience."

"Your podcasts have been incredible, I have a renewed understanding of my 19 year old son who is on the spectrum. We have seen so many professionals over the years but no one seems to understand the intricacies of his challenges." 

ADDitude Magazine's birthday bash:

Two of My Articles Listed in Their Top 25 of the Past 25 Years!

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Zur Institute is now offering an autism certificate program with bundled course options for professionals. I'm happy to have authored many of the courses.

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Autism in Women


Autism and Aging


Autism and Adult Diagnosis


Autism and Well-Being

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"Dr. Regan, Just wanted to let you know how fabulous your talk was. The information you provided was simply excellent!... your talk was tremendously informative for me. Thank you!"

Tremendously Informative

Early Career Neuropsychologist

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